Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop healthy, happy, confident, responsible children who love to learn. We bring fun and fitness to our students through movement based learning in a safe, challenging, and inspiring environment. We teach our students to enhance their mental and physical capabilities while developing their greatest potential. We provide an educational foundation to facilitate mastery and refinement of life long skills.


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Welcome to the Campus Preschool

The Campus Preschool


We live in a community where there are many quality learning environments available to our children. We also recognize that most successful school programs share common academic and operational philosophies as they embrace similar goals for quality and excellence. However, The Campus Preschool programming is exceptional and unique in that we are able to supplement our strong academic curriculum with an extremely high quality athletic and musical curriculum. We believe that the quality of our programs distinguishes our school from any other in the area. We believe that the pursuit of the music, performances and athletics is equal to the pursuit of reading, writing and mathematics…and we pride ourselves in the quality of our specialty programs. During the course of the week, your child will study music, sports and gymnastics as well as have the experience to gain confidence in the swimming pool during formal structured swimming lessons.

Academic Teaching Philosophy

The Campus Preschool believes strongly in a child’s ability to excel far beyond the “norm” in academic achievements. To achieve our high level of learning, we work with children in small groups, allowing substantial time for individualized attention and thus permitting each child’s current level of learning to be met. We recognize that in order to develop a successful learner, we must provide a three-way synergy of cognitive learning, social interaction learning and movement based learning.

Cognitive Learning
Our academic focused program is based upon comprehensive Houghton Mifflin Curriculum and enhanced with a unique learning style specifically designed for our facility. Our highly-trained teachers carefully write and execute weekly lesson plans that fully encompass state standards and are aligned with common core curriculum. However, we strongly believe that a child’s natural curiosities are the best opportunities for accelerated learning. Because of this understanding, our teachers are carefully trained to recognize teachable moments, identify high achievers and differentiate lessons plans based on those two factors. This freedom allows The Campus Preschool to teach to a child’s highest learning capacity, rather than what is widely accepted in the industry as age level expectations, or “the norm”. Strategically placed within our academic approach to learning, The Campus Preschool students participate in weekly music/violin lessons. The science behind music and learning displays evidence that music aids in executive functioning, reasoning, problem solving, learning and spatial memory. All of which require cognitive cognizance.

Social Interaction Learning
Throughout a typical preschool day, there are countless opportunities for children to interact and play with one another. Peer interactions serve a variety of important roles for preschoolers. Throughout the day, as they watch, imitate, model, and interact with each other, preschoolers learn to share, solve problems, and collaborate. They also build friendships that promote positive social and emotional development. At The Campus Preschool our teachers strategically foster opportunities for planned social interaction throughout the day to increase situations of positive social behavior.

Movement Based Learning
Teaching children the art of movement at a young age has been linked to visual thinking, problem solving, creativity and social development. Studies have shown that the amount of movement and exercise a person engages in directly affects the size and memory capacity of their hippocampi. The hippocampus is an area of the brain primarily associated with memory and learning. For these reasons, we have incorporated a strong gross motor aspect into all classes at The Camus Preschool. Students participate in daily movement within our gymnastics facility, making full use of all 8,000 square feet, as well as daily outdoor recess. Weekly, students take part in formal gymnastics, sports conditioning and swimming classes. In addition, our teachers are trained on specific approaches to integrating movement into circle time and transitions. Researchers James Pollatschek and Frank Hagen report that “children engaged in daily physical education show superior motor fitness, academic performance and attitude towards school as compared to their counterparts who do not participate in daily physical education.

Program Philosophy

A child’s early learning experiences have a permanent impact on their view of themselves and the world. We sincerely believe that in terms of happiness and satisfaction in life, a well-structured early childhood education is more valuable than a college education. There is one best time in a person’s life to establish the habit of life-long learning—the early years! This program is designed with a profound focus on your child’s academic achievement but more importantly their overall well-being.


Language arts, phonics, reading, writing, speaking, number identification, letter identification, math skills, basic addition and subtraction, simple fractions, multiplication (0,1,2,5,10), creative grouping, basic word problems, fine motor skills, time, sequencing, number lines, order, music, science, nature, animals, weather, climate, earth, community helpers, health and family…all very important components to any preschool program. Yet, at The Campus Preschool we set our goals much higher than you may typically see within the preschool community.

Our program offers comprehensive Houghton Mifflin curriculum, significant focus on reading and writing skills, Singaporean math and concentrated early learning education. In addition to exceptional academics that far exceed state common core standards; our program is also distinguished by the athletic and artistic programs that have made America’s Kids known within our community. Our preschool curriculum includes weekly lessons in our highly respected gymnastics facility as well weekly music/violin classes from highly sought after concert violinist’s within our community. We also offer price inclusive weekly swimming lessons through America’s Kids Swim School. For your convenience, we offer you the flexibility to schedule your own swimming lessons at a time that works for your family, (valid only while enrolled).

Our Teachers

Our teachers are highly trained and qualified to serve and teach your child. Our teachers are dedicated to your child’s individual growth and development. Our teachers are held to the highest standards in childhood education with respect to their required education, relevant experience, and effectiveness in the classroom. Our entire staff has been carefully selected through a series of rigorous interviews, training and background checks, and reference checks, to ensure that your child is safe and has a wonderful learning experience.


How do you assess the children?
At The Campus Preschool, we maintain extremely low ratios. This allows teachers the opportunity to carefully and continuously observe a child’s current academic level and engage in new learning as the time is appropriate. Assessments are also given formally two times per year, the fall and the spring. Parent Teacher Conferences are also scheduled during these times.

How do you challenge the advanced child within the classroom?
We recognize that all children, regardless of age or experience will learn at different paces. Because we maintain very low ratios within the classroom our teachers have the advantage of detailing each child’s academic ability levels on a day to day basis. As a student climbs the ladder of standards and goals, our teachers are well on their way to setting the next set of standards and goals for that individual. In addition, daily homework (activities/manipulatives) is individualized to each student’s current needs. We send home concepts that a child has either learned or is near mastering. We never send the same homework home to all students. Lastly, your child’s teacher will pull 3-4 students who are at similar learning levels aside for small group learning stations administered by that teacher. During this time topics, assignments, standards and focuses are presented for that groups unique level of learning. We are absolutely confident that you won’t find this amount of individualized academic focus at any other school in the central valley.

How is your school different from other local private schools?
We spend a great deal of time focusing on our school’s performance and goals. We live in a community where there are many quality learning environments available to our children. Most successful school programs share common academic and operational philosophies as they embrace similar goals for quality and excellence. We’ve listed some ways in which our program is exceptional and unique.

  • We are an academic based preschool. We are not play based. We do not have a daycare component.
  • We teach a comprehensive curriculum which includes Houghton-Mifflin preschool lesson plans, Singaporean math methods, Orton-Gillingham Methodologies and the Wilson Reading System.
  • Our curriculum is aligned with state standards and incorporates common core strategies of learning.
  • We offer a movement based approach to learning which includes daily activity time in our gymnastics facility, weekly gymnastics lessons, weekly gross motor lessons and weekly swim lessons (offered outside of class hours).
  • We offer a weekly music (3&4 year olds) and violin (Pre-K) lesson to all students. These lessons are taught by a professional musician with a substantial music resume from our community.

How do you handle discipline?
We believe that busy, interested children seldom have behavior issues. We also believe that children have a need to behave; in the meantime they are just learning the rules. We treat discipline as an opportunity to guide behavior in positive directions. Our staff sets a positive example by treating the children with respect and using positive words and praise to help guide the child. Issues that arise will be dealt with privately with the child, and when necessary, the parent or other staff members. At times it may be necessary to immediately correct the behavior, regardless of timing. We know that there are many stages in a child’s development that bring behaviors that require guidance. This is a part of growing up! We believe that it is our responsibility to provide an environment for our students where it is easy to follow the rules, respect others, and behave well. No physical discipline of any kind is ever used in our facility.

Do you do background and fingerprint checks on your staff?
Yes, we are a state licensed facility and therefore required to do so. We conduct extensive professional background checks through the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well at the Department of Justice. These background checks are obtained on every employee employed for specific interaction with The Campus Preschool program. We also require all employees to complete and pass a drug test.

What is the teacher to student ratio?
Our typical ratio is 1 teacher to 6 students. We do all we can to uphold this ratio at all times. However, occasionally there may be situations that require us to maintain a ratio of 1:12, which is the ratio required by state licensing.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?
Our teachers are carefully selected based on education, experience and expertise in child development. The Campus Preschool staff has a variety of education from Child Development certifications to Masters Degrees and Credentials. All staff members possess a wide variety of experiences and expertise in the area of Early Childhood Education. All teachers are formally trained in health and safety practices as well as First Aid and CPR.

At what age can my child start your program?
Our program is licensed for children 2.5 years old through those entering 1st grade. However, we have made it a common practice to limit our enrollment status to children who are 3 years old and FULLY potty trained (no pull ups). Because of the academic based structure we implement we have found that children over 3 years of age are most successful.

What are your prices and do you offer full day and half day options?
Our prices and schedule are as follows for the 2017/2018 school year:

  • 2 half days per week ... $240 per month
  • 3 half days per week ... $360 per month
  • 4 half days per week ... $480 per month
  • 5 half days per week ... $600 per month
  • 2 full days per week ... $480 per month
  • 3 full days per week ... $720 per month
  • 4 full days per week ... $840 per month
  • 5 full days per week ... $900 per month
  • Violin Rental ... $15 per month
  • Family Registration Fee ... $35 yearly
  • AM Preschool ... 8:30-12:00
  • PM Preschool ... 12:15-3:45
  • Full Day Preschool ... 8:30-3:45

Do you offer early arrival or after school options?
Currently, we do not offer any additional hours for pick up or drop off.

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We’d love to show you around! Please call us at 324-7946 or email us at preschool@americaskidsinmotion.com to schedule a tour!